AVT stands forAudivisual Translation, i.e.audiovisual translation. What does this meanA lot!  At Linguix  we mainly focus on subtitling videos in other languages and translating the already existing subtitles.   

Audiovisual Translation

Subtitling a video is no easy task. What is said has to be translated, yet, this is just not as easy and evident as it sounds! A word-by-word translation is not common in spoken fragments. A human person simply speaks quicker than he or she can read.  Hence, the translator has to translate comprehensively and simultaneously in summary and this without noticing that he or she compressed certain things. Moreover, the translator only has a limited space available in which to place his or her translation – indeed, a subtitle can only contain two lines of text per scene! 

Furthermore, subtitles have to be  well spotted. This means that the translator determines when exactly the subtitle appears on the screen and disappears again. The subtitles have to follow the rhythm of the movie and, for example, must not run ahead or lag behind.  

In short, subtitling asks for a lot of secondary expertise. At Linguix a handful of our translators are specialized in subtitling from and to different languages.  

Are you curious what we could do for your video, movie or documentary? Just contact us or visit our offices to see how we can help you.  

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