Do you want to have your documents translated? Then you have reached the correct address!
With over twenty-five years of professional experience we, at Linguix, guarantee high-quality final products. Both our internal and external translators are native speakerswho exclusively translate from and to their mother tongue. Our translation office is mainly specialized in translations from and to the standard Arabic, Maghrebian and Tamazight (Berber). Apart from those languages, we offer a wide variety of other languages, such as French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Albanian, Russian and Turkish. We deliver free, sworn and authenticated translations.  

To paint a clear picture of the translations we can assist you with, please find a of non-exhaustive list of examples.  

Legal Translations 

Linguix is specialized in legal translations. Hence, we can translate your marriage deed, birth certificate, divorce certificate, judgment, all kinds of civil register deeds and all other legal and notary public documents.  

When the documents are of a legal nature, you will most probably need a sworn translation with authentication.  More information is provided here.

Technical Translations 

For years now, Linguix has been the preferred partner of enterprises in various disciplines such as the diamond sector, ship buildingconstruction industryenvironmental technologychemistry, installation techniquesaerospaceagriculture, telecommunication, informatics, oil and gas industry and many more. We make sure that every single technical term is translated correctly, so that it is understandable for everyone.  

Commercial Translations 

Do you want to direct your marketing material to a broader, international public? Here also, Linguix can support you. We translate commercial correspondence, ads, direct mailingflyerscorporate brochures and corporate leaflets and so much more. In doing so we make sure that your house style is preserved and nothing of the tone of voice is lost. We adapt our translations to your company! 

Medical Translations  

The medical world no longer holds any secrets for us. Without problems we translate manuals of medical equipment, package leaflets, scientific presentations, medical conference texts or colloquia, medical instructions for patients, medical reports, expert’s reports and so much more. We do all we can to transfer the correct information for your foreign language clients in their own mother tongue!  

You need a translation but you do not immediately see what exactly it is that you need or you simply have some additional questions? Please consult our FAQ-page orcontact us to see how we can be of service. 

Linguix will be closed during the Christmas holidays from 26/12/2022 to 06/01/2023.
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Thanks in advance for your help and I wish you and your family happy holidays and a healthy new year!

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