During the translation within legal procedures transcription is an important factor. Transcription is reflecting as completely and accurately as possible of the spoken contents of the source material.  Linguix  offers you various forms of transcription and as such we have a tailor-made solution for everyone! 

First, the best-known form of transcription, in which the linguist puts the spoken text on paper  in the same language . This form is often used in  academic research , for example to analyse interviews or conversations.   

Within this form of transcription two methods exist: literal transcription, also called verbatim , and word-by-word transcription, also called clean . The purpose of  literal transcription is to capture how something is being said. During a literal transcription, what the speakers say is written down as meticulously and completely as possible, including all repetitions, safe words and glitches. Every ‘eh’ or ‘ah’ is written down in this case!  

Word-by-word transcription has the purpose to display the contents of a conversation in an easy to read form. Half sentences, aborted words and safe words are not that important here. The linguist rather pays attention to a grammatically and in particular a content-wise correct reflection of the conversation. In a word-by-word transcript the content of a conversation is perfectly displayed, while the way in which something is being said is less important.  

In the second form of transcription, the linguist transfers the spoken language into  another language. This form of transcription is, amongst other things, used within the legal context.  

This form of transcription can also be split up into two parts. Thus, the spoken text can be translated completely and the conversation is completely reflected in the target language. The second form of translated transcription is also called  synopsis . Here the translator summarizes what is being said and only shows the core of the conversation. Thus the translator shows a global summary of the contents.  

Do you need a transcription, translated or untranslated? Just contact  us or visit our offices and let us discuss your project together! 

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