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Conference interpretation  

Do you have an important meeting, but one of the people present speaks another language? Or do you need an interpreter for the foreign speaking guests at your event? Then Linguix  is your partner of choice!   

In a professional way our interpreters ease the communication between you and your official interlocutor.  Linguix not only provides interpreters for Arabic, but we can also provide interpreters for other languages, such as French, German and English. Interpretation remains a special challenge within the translation world and demands specific skills. Our interpreters therefore are not only native speakers; they also have the necessary experience. For more than ten years, they have been moving the languages boundaries within the legal, economic and social sector, enabling us to guarantee you excellent quality.   

Linguix takes care of a smooth multilinguistic communication during your official events, such as company visits, negotiations, official and commercial delegations both domestically and abroad. You can count on the confidentiality and secrecy  of your documents and conversations. If you wish so, we are more than willing to sign a secrecy statement.  

Interpretation is far more than transferring one language into another language. In interpretation cultural differences, sensitive situations and language barriers come together into one situation.  For the communication to run smoothly in all situations, Linguix offers you two interpretation methods.  

Simultaneous Interpretation 

In simultaneous interpretationthe interpreter listens and translates at the same moment. In case of an interrogation with one or two listeners, the interpreter can whisper the translation in the ear of the listeners sitting next to him or before him.  This is also called whispering interpreting . 
In a more extensive interrogation before multiple listeners atranslation installation is requiredThe interpreters then sit per language in their own booth, where they hear the speaker through a head set and consequently voice-over the translation through the microphone. The listeners in the room can choose their desired translation by pushing the correct button. This form of interpretation is frequently used duringinternational conferences, scientific fora and  international trials.   

Consecutive Interpretation 

In consecutive interpretation tasks, the interpreter transfers the one language into the other language, sentence by sentence, in passages or summarizingThe so-calledsummarizing interpretation depends on the setting and the request of the client. The difference with simultaneous interpretation is that the interpreter does not listen and translate at the same time, but listens first, writes down, and consequently translates what has been said. This form of interpretation lends itself rather for a smaller audience or a conversation in a triangular relationship. Consecutive interpretation, for example, is frequently used in a  doctor’s visit, the drawing up and signing of official documents with a notary public or a consultation of a lawyer.  

Court Interpretation

Do you need an interpreter in a legal context? Then Linguix  is your ideal partner! 

Our sworn interpreters ease the communication between you and your official interlocutor in a professional way. At Linguix  you do not only find experienced interpreters for Tamazight, but also for  all dialects within the Arabic language . Interpretation remains a separate challenge within the translation world and requires separate skills from the interpreter. Our interpreters are therefore not only native speakers, but they also have the necessary experience. For more than ten years already they have been moving the language barriers within the legal, economic and social sector, enabling us to guarantee you the highest quality.   

Interpretation within the legal sector is sometimes also called  court interpretation. Hence it is possible that the interpreter has to appear in court, in prison or at the police office. Here only sworn interpreters are involved, possessing an oath by a legal instance. Depending upon the situation they will interpret consecutively (during an interrogation) or simultaneously (during a trial). In the legal context, accuracy, impartiality and deontology are very important. Linguix only works with sworn interpreters and as such they are competent to also interpret in this sector for you. Moreover, due to their longstanding experience they have been acquainted and familiar with the deontological code and the methodology applied within the Belgian legal system.  

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