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Antwerp: Antwerpsesteenweg 68, 2660 Antwerpen  

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The price depends on the length and contents of the document you give us. When the document is of a standard model (e.g. a marriage deed, birth certificate, certificate, etc.) and one A4-page long, then we charge a fixed amount. This amount depends on the type of document. When the document is not a standard model or longer than an A4-page, we charge a price per word. That price depends on the language combination you wish.   

To be absolutely sure of the price of your document, you can always apply here for a non-binding offer.   

 We specialized in translation and interpretation from and into the  Standard Arabic, Maghrebian and Tamazight (Berber). In addition we have a wide range of other languages, such as French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Albanian, Russian and Turkish.  

Can you not find the language you are looking for? Just contact  us and together we look into what we can do for you.   

You had a document translated, but you want a second pair of eyesNo panic, we at Linguix can also do this for youMail us your document and mention that you only want it reviewedIt will be our pleasure to review it with a fresh pair of eyes and correct it where necessary! 

It is not immediately possible to give an exact indication of the delivery delayAmongst other things, this depends on the contents and complexity of the document. To be absolutely sure of the delivery delay of youryou can always askherefor a non-binding offer.  

Your privacy is priority at Linguix and as such is guaranteed optimallyOnly you and the translators working on the assignment, can access to the document. Our translator are informed of the confidentiality of legal documents and treat them with the necessary discretion   

A sworn translation is alegally binding translation that is authenticated by asworn translator. Official documents cannot simply be translated by any translatorDocuments you want to provide to the municipality or in a legal procedure, must be translated by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a translator who took an oath before the court of first instanceWith thatoath the translator swears to translate all documents in all conscience and not to deviate from the contents of the source documentThis is also called ne varieturAfter the oath the translator is incorporated intotheNational Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators and he or she is competent to translate certain official documentsThe translations with the signature and statement of the sworn translator are called sworn translations.   

When you want to have your document authenticated, it costs  15 euros VAT  excl.  

Anauthenticationmeans that the competent instances of a certain country confirm that your document or translation is true and legally bindingAn authenticated translation is a sworn translation with a seal of the court of first instanceThat seal authenticates the entire translationWith the authentication by the court of first instance your translation is a legally binding document in the whole of Belgium.  

When your document is authenticated with an apostille, it means that the country of destination belongs to the Apostille Convention of 1961. Here you find the list of the countries requiring an apostille.  

Of course . You can authorize someone else to ask for your translation and to supply the necessary documents or to pick up your translation for you.   

For a translation a clearly legible scan or picture is enough, in that case we do not need the originals. Have a look here for more information on our translations.  

Which documents you need to wed depends on your nationality. Contact us or visit our offices and together we will see what we can do for you.    

Unfortunately this cannot be done in Belgium. An apostille has to applied for at the same Moroccan Family Court where you also applied for your marriage deed.    

It is best to ask a family member or a friend in Morocco to apply – on your behalf – for a new marriage deed with an apostille. A picture or scan thereof is sufficient to have the deed translated at our offices afterwards. 

You cannot just bring your partner to BelgiumYou have to meet multiple conditions and for this you have to submit various documents. Which conditions and documents those aredepends upon your situation. In case of questions on your particular situation, just contact us or visit us at our offices and together we will look into what we can do for you!  

Both can be first. It is important to remember that in Belgium only two Moroccan divorce regimes are accepted:  

  1. Divorce by mutual consent  
  2. Chiqaq, or divorce by irreversible disruption.  

Click here for a look on more information or just contact us!  

No, we can have our lawyer travel to Morocco on your behalf in order to accomplish your divorceHave a look here (link to divorcing in Morocco)for more information or contact us!  

That is most certainly possibleWe can also assist you legally in case of certain problems or guide you in case of contact with a possible third partyHowever, it is better tomake an appointmentwith us for such matters, so that we can get a clear view of your needs. 

Of courseat Linguix  we do everything to give our clients the correct information and to support them during the various legal procedures. Because admittedly, they can be reasonably complicatedDo you have questions about your situation?Justcontact us and we will help you as soon as possible or we will put you in touch with the correct authority. 

 That depends on your certificate. Factors such as where your certificate was issued and your nationality play a role here. You will find the correct information on working in Flanders and Wallonia here. You can always contact us if you have any additional questions!  

Linguix will be closed during the Christmas holidays from 26/12/2022 to 06/01/2023.
Happy Holidays!

Thanks in advance for your help and I wish you and your family happy holidays and a healthy new year!

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