Divorcing in Morocco 

After the divorce has been pronounced in Belgium, your divorce also has to be registered officially in Morocco. Linguix can realize the entire procedure on your behalffrom the translation to the registration of your divorce in Morocco. 

How do we work? 

The divorce documents are translated by a sworn translator into ArabicOnce the documents are translated, the documents get the necessary authentication for use abroadAfterwards they are handed over to our lawyer in Morocco. He registers your divorce with the family courtupon which we deliver you the documents and exhibits, i.e. a copy of the divorce deed. 

What documents do you need? 

What documents do you need to register your divorce in Morocco depends on the regime of your divorce. In Belgium there are two possible divorce regimes: 

Divorce by mutual consent  

When you divorced by mutual consent, you should bring us the following documents:  

  • Your divorce judgment of the court (the ruling by the judge); 
  • Statement of no appeal. 

The statement can be a seal on the back of the original judgment, but it can also be a separate document.  

Divorce without mutual consent (irreversible disruption) 

When you do not divorce by mutual consent, so when the marriage is irreversibly disrupted, you should bring us the following documents:  

  • Your divorce judgment of the court (the ruling by the judge); 
  • Statement of no appeal; 
  • Copy of the transcription of the divorce into the civil register. 

Apply for the copy of your divorce at the Belgian municipality. This can be done online by the Database of the Deeds of the Civil Registry (DABS).  

Linguix can take the entire divorce procedure in Morocco off your hands, from A to Z! Are you curious? Send us your documents and we will send you as soon as possible a non-binding offer. 

Do you still have questions? Just have a look at our FAQ-page or contact  us, so that we can have a look at the situation together and discuss the possibilities! 

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