You already possess a translation, but are uncertain as to its correctness? Or you had a text drawn up but you do not know whether or not it is grammatically completely correct?  Linguix verifies it for you!  

Apart from interpretation, translation and copywriting Linguix also offers the  expertise of its internal linguists. Our linguists do not so much look at the contents of your text, but they do check whether or not the text has been translated and / or drawn up correctly. In this way we help where necessary in correcting grammatical and syntactical constructions and in this way we supply you with a smooth tailor-made text!  

In revising a certain text or translation, it is very important that the exact terminology is applied. Linguix ensures that the  standard terminology in the text is translated correctly. Where necessary we appeal to the expertise of a specialist in the field in question. In this way we guarantee that your text is 100% grammatically, syntactically and terminologically correct.  

Are you in need of a second pair of eyes?  Send us a copy of your document by mail or visit us at our offices and we will help you immediately! 

Linguix will be closed during the Christmas holidays from 26/12/2022 to 06/01/2023.
Happy Holidays!

Thanks in advance for your help and I wish you and your family happy holidays and a healthy new year!

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