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You want to submit messages from your private communication, for example in the frame of a legal procedure and your documents are written in a transcribed ArabicdialectAt Linguix  we can also translate these messages for you!   

During the advance of the various social media, the Arabic alphabet was not yet ‘fully’ integrated into the various applications. That is how Arabizi originated – Arabic words are expressed in the Latin alphabet. Sounds of which the Arabic letters are not upheld, are represented by numbers or letter combinations from the Latin alphabet. Thus the Arabic letter ع  is often represented by the number 3  and an Arabic variant of H, the ح, by the number 7.  

In legal procedures, your private communication can be claimed, also when the conversations are written in  Arabizi. It is not evident to translate such conversations. As Arabizi is a representation of the spoken language, it does not only differ from country to country but also from region to region. Because Linguix exclusively works with translators translating from and into their mother tongue, they can and know also the different dialects and sociolects, in whatever writing!   

Are you curious to see if we can translate your messages? Feel free to contact us or visit our offices to see what we can do to help you. 

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